The Present is Present - Artist Profile Interviews

A collection of video interviews with the performers of the 2017 Present is Present Festival in Amsterdam, NL. Programmed and facilitated by Doek, Bimhuis, Occii, De Ruimte, Splendor, and others. All interviews conducted, recorded, and produced by Adam Shead. All Photos by Andy Moor.

George Hadow is a U.K. native residing in Amsterdam for proximately five years, he found his place in Amsterdam due to the annual Dutch Impro Academy hosted by the members of ICP Orchestra and DoEk. George has performed and recordings with the likes of John Dikeman, Raoul van de Wiede, Luis Vecente, and Dirk Serries.

Provan studied classical and jazz trumpet at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne until 1986 and was an active member of the Melbourne Improvisers Association. She worked with various jazz and improvisational ensembles, composed for dance and film projects, and was composer in residence at the Tanzkompanie Feats Unlimited in 1985. In 1990 Felicity moved to Amsterdam and began to collaborate with musicians such as Han Bennink, Ab Baars, Yedo Gibson, Sean Bergin, Michael Vatcher, and Michael Moore.

Renato Ferreira is a Brazillion composer, saxophonist, and double bassist based in Amsterdam, NL. Renato studie composition at The Royal Conservatory of Den Haag at both bachelors and graduate level. Renato is the leader of the large ensembles Native Aliens and has performed along side such musicians as Yedo Gibson, Onno Goveart, Michael Vatcher, and Neils Brouwer; amongst others.

Andy Moor (born 1962) began his musical life in Edinburgh, Scotland playing guitar with Dog Faced Hermans, an eclectic group that mixed post-punk energy with traditional tunes and improvisations. In 1990 he moved to the Netherlands after an invitation to join Dutch band The Ex. In 1995 he began another group, Kletka Red with Tony Buck Joe Williamson and Leonid Soybelman, fusing traditional klezmer, Greek and Russian songs with their own styles of playing. Andy Moor currently resides in Amsterdam, NL and is an active member, performer, and programmer of the Amsterdam Noise and Improvised Music community.

Miriam den boer Salmon is a young Dutch improviser and violinist who studied music in Groningen under Michael Moore. Miriam has performed with the likes of Mary Oliver, Raoul van de Wiede, Felicity Provan, Marta Warelis, and Joost Buis; amongst others.

Manuela Lucia Tessi is an Italian dancer, teacher and maker based in Amsterdam and Berlin.  She holds a degree in Modern Dance from the Theaterschool in Amsterdam and has spent the last several years performing and touring her work. Manuela has recently been a resident at Lake Studios, Berlin, where she has developed new projects including the Weight of Words and MusikTanzNullDreissig, a monthly series of music and dance performances in various venues curated alongside flutist Friederike Wendorf. Live music, whether composed or improvised, plays an important role in her performance work.  Since 2009 she curates dance performances at cultural centre OT301 in Amsterdam with a focus on dance related to live music.